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You are encouraged to become involved in activities through the many service, interest and athletic clubs at Lakewood.  Each campus club must operate under the Rules Governing School- Sponsored Student Organizations as determined by the LBUSD in order to be recognized on campus. A copy of these rules is available to every student at the Activities Office. New clubs may be started at any time as long as they meet these requirements.


New Clubs:

All clubs and organizations which recruit, fund-raise, use the daily bulletin, or use equipment (copy machine) or facilities on campus must have a faculty sponsor and be chartered by the ASB Any questions regarding membership, club formation, etc., should be directed to the Activities Specialist.

How to Start an Extra-curricular Club

1. Have a purpose or idea definitely in mind as to the type of club, why you wish to start it, etc.

2. Obtain and complete a club charter from the Activities Office

3. Get a teacher sponsor

4. Submit the completed charter and a club roster to the Activities Office for approval by Student Council.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR CLUB GOLD L SPECIAL SERVICE: When your club plans a service project it must complete an Activity Request Form (ARF) two weeks in advance to go towards classification.  Clubs which fail to meet their expected classification will not be able to earn extra points toward the GOLD L.


 “A” Club – (4 points) Do four service projects* (two per semester), participate in two fairs (or one fair & Lancer Card fund-raiser)                    

“B” Club – (3 points) Do two service projects* (two per semester), participate in two fairs (or one fair & Lancer Card fund-raiser

“C” Club – (2 points) Do two service projects* (one per semester)                                                                                                                                

“D” Club – (1 points) Interest Only Club                                                                                                                                                                                            

*Adopting an area to keep clean, water, plant and/or beautify throughout the year may be counted as two (2) service projects each semester.

Active Clubs

Clubs Financial Procedures

First page of the PDF file: FinancialProceduresPowerPoint23-24

Site Night Clubs & Organizations