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The Applied Technology Magnet is for students who want to build a computer or create a product, then simulate it using 3D printers or laser cutters and more!

ATM's focus is on Informatics, the practice of living, learning, playing, and creating in tomorrow's digital world. The ATM program allows students to learn how people interact with technology and create projects that illustrate that connection. Students can build a computer, program an Arduino, code a Vex robot, create a product, and simulate it using 3D printers or laser cutters. Students who graduate from ATM are ready to participate in today's digital world and find the solutions for tomorrow's challenges.

"I learned a lot of skills, computer skills, how to use coding and even how to start my own business."

"What makes ATM stand out is definitely the students and their creativity." -Ms. White

Sample Student Schedule

ATM Flyer by Elizabeth Frayre

Ejemplo de un Horario Estudiantil

ATM Flyer Spanish by Elizabeth Frayre